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Néhány fontos tudnivaló (gyüjtő)

Hozzáférési kulcsok


A billentyűzet segítségével, lehetőséged van azonnal a megadott címre ugrani, anélkül, hogy a böngésződbe beírnád az elérési címet.
Ahhoz hogy ezt a funkciót használni tudd, szükséged van a böngésződ modifikátoraira, ami böngészőként eltérő lehet. Egy rövid lista a modifikátorok műkődéséről, és alkalmazásáról  itt található.


T4 -szervereken alkalmazható hozzáférési kulcsok:
A kulcs
AZ oldal amit nyit a kulcs
1 dorf1.php
2 dorf2.php
3 karte.php
4 statistiken.php
5 berichte.php
6 nachrichten.php
9 dorf3.php
b vissza (az elöző faluhoz a falu listából)
n következő (falulista következő falujára ugrik)

A levelek és jelentések automatikus megsemmísítéséről:

A levelek és a jelentések alábbi szabály szerint törlődnek:

  • 3 nappal miután a fogadó törölte levelét/jelentését, a levelek/jelentések törlődnek a rendszerből (ebben a helyzetben a küldő levelestárából is törlődik)
  • ha a játékosnak több mint 30 üzenete/jelentése van, amelyek több mint 3 napja érkeztek

Hogyan építkezzek, ha búzátlanítva lettem?

If you have been croplocked in your capital or last village then you will be able to build a main building level 10, croplands, granaries and warehouses without problems. As for all of the other buildings, you can only commence their construction if you have a positive total production (without troops) again.

If your main building was destroyed in one of your other villages in an attack and you are crop locked, you will be able to build granaries and warehouses. But you can only rebuild your main building to level 1 if all of your croplands are at level 5 or your net production is equal to or greater than 198/hour. All other buildings can only be constructed if you have a positive total production (without troops) again.


Események sorrendje

The table below shows you how the game events are processed within a second:

first second third fourth
construction of a new building/resource field trade unit upgrade (smithy) spy
downgrade of buildings
research (academy)  attack
upgrade of a building/resource field
celebration reinforcement

Esemény torlasz (event jam)

You may recognize an event jam by its common indicator - when construction times and troop arrival times are shown as 0:00:00?. If you’ve played TRAVIAN for a while, you are bound to have faced an event jam at one point or another. An event jam occurs because of a technical difficulty within one of the servers; when a server slows down for some reason, or if it is overloaded with information, events such as attacks, constructions and other similar happenings typical for a TRAVIAN game world can be lined up but not executed, resulting in the server being stuck or jammed. There is not much a player can do about it except to wait it out – in cases of an event jam, rest assured that the Team and TechSupport are working on correcting it as soon as possible.

In case of an event jam scenario, please follow these guidelines:

  • Do not try refreshing the page every few seconds – it will not resolve the event jam. If anything, it will only make our job of fixing it harder.
  • Do not cancel any of your ongoing events like constructions, since the resources then will be irrevocably lost.
  • Try not to line up any new events until the current event jam is over. Even if you do try to send your troops or construct a building, they will end up being stuck just like the previous events and cause an even bigger jam.
  • Please be patient; the problem will be fixed as soon as possible. There is no need to message members of the Staff every few minutes asking them when the event jam will be over.
  • In cases of a server rollback as a result of an event jam, bear in mind that everyone has suffered some sort of loss, since the server would have been reverted to a previous point in time. Since this is the case, do not expect a reimbursement in the form of resources or troops, since every player on the server has suffered as well.


Kiterjedési szlotok

To found or conquer a new village you need a free expansion slot. To check whether your village still has an open slot you just need to go to your residence or palace and open the "Expansion" tab therein.

Every village has an exact defined number of available expansion slots: 2 in case of a residence and 3 in case of a palace built. These slots belong to the village itself.

What does this mean for you?

In case you conqer a village, it can be that the old owner already founded one, two or three village(s) from it. Player 4seasons conquered a village of player bitter-sweet in the examples shown below:


As you can see ,there are already 2 expansion slots used by player bitter-sweet.

If this happens to you, then you will only be able to found as many villages as you have open edslots. So if he found two villages already (as in the example shown above) then you cannot found or conquer anymore villages with a residence, but you can found or conquer one more village with a palace level 20.


Segítség működése

On (reaplce XY by the number of your server to open the respective page) you can find a helpful collection of links:

  • FAQ - Answers
    Here, you can find your answer about Travian. Additionally, you have the possibility to contact the in-game support, if you really can't find your answer.
  • Game rules
    Here, you can find the current game rules.
  • Contact ingame support
    If you couldn't find an answer, contact the ingame support here.
  • Plus questions
    You can ask questions about payment and premium features here.
  • Forum
    On our Forum, you can meet and converse with other players.
  • Short instruction
    Here you can find short explanations about the troops and buildings found in Travian.

Játékon belüli rövid válaszok

Here you can find short explanations about the troops and buildings found in Travian. Every entry in the short instructions links to the respective Travian Answers page with more detailed explanations.

Egyéb kérdések

How can I free troops which have been caught in enemy traps?
Use a normal attack against the village holding the captives. As long as you send enough troops to fill the remaining traps and destroy possible defences your troops will be freed.

Can I cancel an attack?
Yes but only 90 seconds after it was sent.

What is the percentage for each improvement at the smithy?
Approximately 1.5% per level.

What happens when I change the capital?
If you change your capital, the prior capital village will lose all resource field upgrades above level 10 and the stonemason's lodge will be destroyed. Furthermore the great barracks and great stable will be lost if they are in the new capital village. Beware: There is no way to undo the capital changing!

Can I destroy one of my buildings?
Yes. See "demolish building" under main building.

How can I build another cranny?
You must upgrade your first cranny to level 10.

How does starvation work?
1. Foreign defence starves first at all times. Afterwards your own troops will starve in the following order: troops from other villages owned by oneself, troops from the same village and finally troops from the same village who are afoot.
2. The troop type of which there is the most will be selected for starvation first until there is an equal amount of 2 or more troop types. When this happens, the troop type with the highest crop upkeep value will be selected for starvation.
3. Basically there is no difference between heroes, senators and legionaries. However, the routine scans the troops from left to right and usually there are more ordinary troops than special ones present. The own hero, of which one can have only one, starves last due to these reasons. Keep in mind though that foreign senators, chiefs and chieftains as well as heroes starve even before the own ordinary troops do.


Hiányzó kereskedők

If you have a look at the picture below you will see that there are 5 merchants currently used to carry resources to another player:


But there seems to be something wrong or? I have a market place level 20 - so also 20 merchants. 5 are on their way to another player - so 15 should be left. But I only have 13 available? How can this be?!?

Such a situation happens quite often. It can be thatyour sitter or dual put offers ar the market and forgot to tell you. Do not lose your trust in the system, just check whether you offer resources at the market place and you will find your missing merchants:



Plusz Szupport

A (cseréld a XY-t a megfelelő szerver számra) linken sokoldalú támogatást kaphatsz a TRAVIAN Plusz kérdésekre:

  • Plus GYIK
    Láthatod a leggyakoribb kérdéseket.
  • Kapcsolat Plusz szupport
    Ha nem találtál kérdésedre választ, a plusz szupportra tudsz levelet írni, amiben felteheted kérdéseidet.

Szerver státusz (állapot)

Do you have a problem connection to one of the Travian servers? Do you want to know whether it is your own internet connection or the server itself?

Then just check the status page. There you will find a list of all Travian servers world wide sorted by their country:


As shown in the picture above there are green and red helmets. A green helmet shows a working server, a red helmet shows a server which is marked as down. Normally the list is sorted alphabetically, but in case of a problem the countries/servers marked with a red helmet are shown on the top.

By clicking on a countries tag you will be able to see the individual servers of a country in more detail:


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